Q & A Guide for Itdown Video Downloader

Q & A Guide for Itdown Video Downloader

June 20, 2023

Q: What is Itdown Video Downloader?

A: Itdown Video Downloader is a versatile application designed to enable users to download videos from more than 1000 different websites with ease.

Whether you're looking to save content from popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or seeking to archive videos from less common sources, Itdown has you covered.
It also includes the capability to download videos that are protected by DRM, ensuring you have access to a wide range of content.
Moreover, for those interested in live broadcasts, Itdown Video Downloader can capture live streaming content from sites like Twitch, AfreecaTV, TikTok, and other streaming platforms.

Q: How do I use Itdown Video Downloader?

A: For a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on utilizing Itdown Video Downloader, please visit our guide here:


Q: How can I activate my VIP subscription?

A: To unlock the full potential of Itdown Video Downloader with a VIP subscription, follow the instructions in the guide linked below:


Q: Have issue activating my VIP subscription

A: Should you encounter any issues or have further inquiries, our customer support team is readily available to assist you

[email protected]

Q: Why is there no sound in some videos I have downloaded?

A: The absence of audio in downloaded videos may be due to the use of newer video codecs by certain modern websites, which your current media player might not support. We recommend using VLC Media Player, which is compatible with a vast array of video codecs, to ensure optimal playback of your saved videos.